Vitrase or Hyaluronidase, Nothing or Natural ways . Which one would you tell your wife or family member to do ?

It's 21 days since I had a little juvederm injected under my eyes but I'm still puffy. I know you can get injections but I see so many bad reviews about it that I'm afraid I'll have more damage using the product. How long do you think it could take to go down if I just left it alone? Mine looks more like water than the filler. Is there anything natural to use? Any good supplements you would recomend? Massage, which hazel, caffine, allergy med, nose spray, tumeric?

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Eye injections.

Thank you for your question. It is always best to sleep with your head slightly elevated and apply cold compresses for 10 mins several times a day. The product should dissolve in approx. 1 year.


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Puffy under eyes after hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (Juvederm) fillers are very hydrophilic and attract water.  I would give it another month.  If there is still swelling after waiting longer, I would consider treating with a small amount of the enzyme Vitrase which if done well doesn't entirely remove the Juvederm but just enough to lessen swelling. 

I am into natural remedies when possible but i would not recommend anything else, except to prop up on extra pillows while sleeping to help control swelling.

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