Around how much would it cost to get a largish, dark brown birthmark removed?

So, I have this birthmark. It's dark brown, and about the length of my thumb. Granted I have small hands, but it's still pretty big. It is also shaped as an oval. It itches a lot, and there is another small, darker birthmark inside of it. I'm not sure if those last two details mean anything but hey.

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Navevus spilus or speckled lentiginous navevi

Photos will be useful, but Google those terms and see if it fits. An examination will be helpful as this will give an accurate diagnosis. Given the smaller darker marks inside of it really helps. See, small details like that can give us a pretty useful clue. 

This type of birthmark can be difficult to treat as the prognosis is unpredictable. The lighter tanned mark is that of a CALM. Using a 532 Q switch laser can reduce the appearance of the Cafe Au Lait Macule. 50% respond, of which 30-50% recur. The darker areas may represent lentigines (freckles), or moles. If the later- much harder to treat. The standard of management for this is to document, photograph, and follow up. 

Laser can certainly be attempted. 

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