How concerned should I be that my ps messed me up? (photos)

I am 5wks post of. Silicone unders. The lager hurts, is rippling, and I am afraid bottomed out. I also fear it is just to wide for my frame.371cc. The left339cc hasn't dropped and is so much smaller than the other.

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Silicone Breast Implants

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There is a discrepancy between your breast which is obvious.  I don't have the benefit of your before photos to tell how much was already there.  It is enough that you may need additional surgery.  However there are things you can do right now.  One is to wear compression garment or ace wrap applying pressure to the superior pole of the left breast.  Also you may want to try Singulair.  It is a medication that can help in cases of capsular contracture.  I have seen tremendous results with these two techniques that prevented secondary surgery.  If they don't help and additional surgery is required I like to wait until about 3 months post-op so there is less inflammation present from the original surgery.  When a capsular contracture occurs, that side will seem smaller than the normal side.  Whether a larger implant is needed will have to be a judgement call by your surgeon.  As mentioned by other commentators you should make sure you are using a plastic surgeon certified by the "American Board of Plastic Surgeons".  Sometimes things happen which are out of control of your surgeon and those are considered typical risks and complications of the particular surgery.

Mobile Plastic Surgeon

Revision breast implant

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Thanks for the photos. Based on these photos, you need to followup with your surgeon. Was your surgeon a board certified plastic surgeon? If not, please make sure to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in revision breast surgery. Good luck

Stanley Okoro, MD
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How concerned should I be that my ps messed me up?

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You are going to see the difference just after the procedure. However it is necessary to wait for some time in order to see the final result. After the breast augmentation operation the recovery period depends on your physical status, age, general health and condition mainly. The operation itself does not take too long therefore you receive a mild anesthesia. Since the anesthesia that you receive is mild; you will not have problems associated with anesthetic agents after the operation. This is especially important and can be achieved with only a team of plastic surgeons like we have. After the operation you will be advised to wear a corset in order to reduce the edema. You can start to do your daily activities just after the operations but we do not advise you heavy lifting, running or activities that require excess physical activity. The more you rest, the faster your recovery will be.

Bulent Cihantimur, MD
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How concerned should I be that my ps messed me up?

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Yes very poor outcome. seek in person second opinions for revision  now. Sorry this happened..........

Less than desirable results

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Thank you for your pictures. This is an unfortunate result. This will need revision. It may take a couple of surgeries to improve your breast shape and size. There are board-certified plastic surgeon in your area/region that focus on revising unpleasant results from aesthetic surgery. Please seek oitthese individuals. Best wishes.

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