What can been done about capsular contracture which has developed 3 months after implant surgery? (photos)

recently developed a contracture in upper and lateral right breast after Nov 5/15 surgery to remove neurotic cyst formed after lift & removal of silcone implants due to intracapsular rupture in March 15. Saline implants ( 240) where put in place with lift & larger ones (380) were put in after cyst removal. Upper breast tissue is thin due to both procedures. Contracture was on medial upper rt breast above nipple and within one week progressed down lateral side of breast.

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Treatment options for early capsular contracture

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An early capsular contracture should be treated aggressively. At a minimum a capsulectomy and implant replacement should be considered. If not under the muscle then switching to under will add coverage over the upper pole and help prevent recurrence of the contracture. Strattice may be considered in this situation as well.

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May be Best to See Your Surgeon for an Examination

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It may be best to speak to your plastic surgeon about your concern. One of the most common problems is breast #capsular #contracture or the development of thickening, and contracture of the capsule that exists around the breast implants. Severe capsule contracture probably occurs in less than 15% of augmentation patients. Every woman has a breast capsule around their implant and this is a normal phenomenon. Nicotine users, such as smokers, have up to a 30x increased risk of capsular contracture. The #reason capsular contraction happen is unclear. It's possibly caused by microscopic bacteria on the implant, a   collection of blood after surgery or perhaps it is a tendency for some women to form scar tissue. What we do know is that is cases reported have decreased from 25% to  5-10% or less. One way to attempt the prevention of it is to follow your surgeon's post op instructions as recommended and ask questions of your surgeon when healing concerns arise.

I suggest beginning with an in-person #evaluation with your original surgeon, or, with a board certified plastic surgeon. It is best select a plastic surgeon who is #board-certified and has a great deal of experience with breast #augmentation and the incision type, #implant placement, and implant type. Plastic surgeons who have specialized in breast surgery and cosmetic surgery are suitable to perform your breast augmentation.

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Early capsular contracture?

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We have had recent good success in treating early capsular contracture with a rather new technology called acoustic sound waves. Called Z-wave,  this machine produces linear soundwaves that apply a force to the overlying capsule and I think cause it to stretch. That combined with a pill called Accolate and vitamin E would  be tried first in my patients. should that not be effective, my plan would be a capsulectomy with the addition of Strattice to prevent a future capsule. Try to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your location with experience in breast revision. Good luck.

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Not sure this is a contracture

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I'm a little confused by your statement:   "Contracture was on medial upper rt breast above nipple and within one week progressed down lateral side of breast".

A capsule forms around every implant.  The contracture describes the capsule tightening around the implant causing it to feel hard and sometimes causing distortion.  A contracture generally would not be described as being in just one part of the breast.

As with many of these types of cases, it is very difficult to help you as much as we would like with an internet evaluation.  Discuss it with your surgeon.  From your postop photos, it appears he/she did a great job for you.

James D. Frost, MD
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What can been done about capsular contracture which has developed 3 months after implant surgery?

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Your issues are to serious to be discussed without in person full examinations. I might suggest fat grafting?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Breast Augmentation - Capsular Contracture

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Thank you for question. I recommend early intervention in cases like yours. A total capsulectomy with implant exchange should be performed. I often place an ADM such as AlloDerm or Strattice to decrease the risk of future capsular contractures. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in revisionary breast surgery. Hope this helps.


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