Scar and scar tissue removal?

I had clamps put on my tubes , birth control, 1 fell off landed on colon and abcesses 3 yrs it was 10 centimeters deep ,it left a scar that looks like a butt hole on belly just above pelvic...due to drainage hole , I have a little discomfort, I think due to scar tissue...what kind of doctor should i look for? I am single and this has gave me very low self esteem, don't want to take cloths off....plz help

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Scar Solutions--Abdominal Scar, Series of Treatments, Surgery, Lasers

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I recommend getting a formal consultation to find out your best options. This may need a combination of surgical scar revision in stages and then laser treatments.  I suggest seeing a scarring expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Repairing a surgical scar on the abdomen

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Abdominal surgical scars can be improved with surgical re excision followed by laser therapy to improve contour. 


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