Wound opened up under incision in lateral Brow Lift! Is it infected? (Photo)

I had a brow lift on 7/7 & all looked well. Had a bruise Under the incision. On the 10th day after surgery the bruise opened & looked bad. (Pic 1) Sent pic to Dr & he said use an antibacterial ointment & come in the next day. Dr said to continue to treat with antibacterial ointment so that's (Pic 2) - 12 days after surgery. I'm nervous about the way this looks. Just want to know if anyone else has any other recommendations?

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Wound care after brow lift

Hi,I am sorry that you are having issues after surgery.  The wound seems to be having some healing issues.  I do not know what medical issues you have, but I would definitely follow your doctor's advise.  If you are uncertain about their management, it is not unreasonable to seek a second opinion.   Some medical issues that can slow down your wound healing include: smoking, collagen vascular diseases, diabetes, and others.  Once the would heals, it may need a laser to make the scar less noticeable. Best of luck!Dr. Victoria

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