Wound opened up under incision in lateral Brow Lift! Is it infected? (Photo)

I had a brow lift on 7/7 & all looked well. Had a bruise Under the incision. On the 10th day after surgery the bruise opened & looked bad. (Pic 1) Sent pic to Dr & he said use an antibacterial ointment & come in the next day. Dr said to continue to treat with antibacterial ointment so that's (Pic 2) - 12 days after surgery. I'm nervous about the way this looks. Just want to know if anyone else has any other recommendations?

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What to do after an ulcerative wound 10 days after a brow lift?

That sort of setback after a cosmetic surgery can certainly put a person on edge.  It is hard to say what contributed to the open sore: preexisting conditions such as smoking or diabetes, or some intra-operative issue such as a bleeder that required extra cautery to stop it from bleeding.  Whatever the cause, topical antibacterial ointment would probably serve this problem well. Once it has healed, consider simple fractional CO2 laser treatments to help to improve the scar.

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Wound care after brow lift

Hi,I am sorry that you are having issues after surgery.  The wound seems to be having some healing issues.  I do not know what medical issues you have, but I would definitely follow your doctor's advise.  If you are uncertain about their management, it is not unreasonable to seek a second opinion.   Some medical issues that can slow down your wound healing include: smoking, collagen vascular diseases, diabetes, and others.  Once the would heals, it may need a laser to make the scar less noticeable. Best of luck!Dr. Victoria

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