Healing Progression of Wound After Brow Lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I wanted to thank the doctors who were kind enough to answer my inquiry about the wound that opened post op. It was a little unnerving that something like that could happen especially 10 days out from my surgery. The right side incision looks perfect and almost unnoticeable. I did everything as my doctor required, no aspirin, etc. I do not smoke, no medical issues at all, perfectly healthy. Taking antibiotics & using Bacitracin and I'm seeing improvement now every day! Pic is 15 days post op.

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Brow Lift

Thank you for your question. After a brow lift, there will be a certain amount of bruising and swelling for several days. After a few weeks of healing and recovery, the changes will be noticeable and you can resume normal activities. Your center for facial cosmetic surgery will treat your operation as an individual procedure keeping your needs in mind alongside the general healing timeline I just relayed.Best wishes,

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Healing Progression of Wound After Brow Lift. Any suggestions?

I recommend local wound care with at home treatments + in office daily red laser light therapy and PRP infusion therapy to area once a week. Fees in the $800 ranges per PRP++.

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