I Am Overweight with Underactive Thyroid Disorder- Considering Liposelection with Vaser, Am I a Candidate?

Thyroid Disorder Considering Liposelection with Vaser?

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Vaser Liposuction

You must first be evaluated with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and they will make that determination.

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Vaser lipo in patietnt with hypothyroidism

Thank you for your question.

Underactive thyroid if controlled well should not be a contraindication to Vaser lipoplasty. However, people with hypothyroidism (myxoedema) can be prone to be puffyness and bloating due to fluid retention and surgery might make it more pronounced. Your doctor should be able to advise you in regards of these.

Suitability for vaser of any patient is evaluated by a Vaser surgeon. Your BMI will be a rough quide, skin laxity and muscle tone are also important factors.

Candidacy for VASER

Whether or not you are a candidate for surgery would need to be determined after a careful in-person exam...

With regard to the thyroid dysfunction, it is very important that you sort this out with your doctor prior to proceeding with any elective surgery.

Liposelection with Vaser, Am I a Candidate?

Since you did not post a photo very hard to internet advise. See a few boarded PSs in your area to discuss options and types of liposuction available for your issues. 

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