Can I do Overseas Travel 1 Month Post-Op TT with Lipo?

I am currently in Thailand. I have been given the oppotunity to travel to the UK for three weeks for a holiday. I will be 4 weeks post op. I had extended TT and lipo on love handles and tummy. I am worried that i will be too tired to cope... however we plan on using trains to get around and not rush around too much. Do you think this is too soon? Ive had no complications and seem to be healing well thus far. Thankyou

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Traveling 1 month post op from tummy tuck

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For my patients, I let them travel after 4 weeks if they have not complication and doing well.  However, depending on the length of flight and extend of travel, you may want to be mindful of DVT.  You want to be walking every one to two hours and avoid heavy lifting (carrying heavy luggage).  Also, please check with your plastic surgeon  as each plastic surgeon has different postop instruction/recommendation.  Best wishes.

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