Overproduction of Mucus in Left Nostril AFter Septo/Rhino?

I had my rhinoplasty/septoplasty done about 2 weeks ago. Since 3-4 days after my surgery I've had an excessive amount of mucus in my left nostril, which has gotten to the point where the passage is clogged and it is to uncomfortable to ignore. I know its not recommended to insert a Q-tip but I'm getting so desperate, I have the urge to actually do it, what happens if I insert the Q-tip, will it affect the healing process of my nose?. Is there anything else I can do to clean out my nostrils?

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Over production of Mucus Post Rhinoplasty

There is a saying do not put anything smaller then your elbow in your ears or nose so put the Q-tips in the drawer and drive over to your surgeons office for continued close follow up appointments. Your surgeon will prescribe the post operative program he would like you to start to make sure you keep your nasal airways clear. Call your surgeons office and see him/her asap!

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It is important to keep your nasal airway open after septorhinoplasty, but your surgeon should help you do this.  Nasal Saline drops are fine, but see your physician today and keep the Q-tips in your drawer (unless so instructed by your doctor).  Also, it is important not to develop a local nasopharyngeal infection or sinusitis while you are healing by proper nasal irrigation and possibly antibiotics, etc.

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Excessive Nasal Mucus After Rhinoplasty



It is not uncommon for rhinoplasty patients to present with non-allergic rhinitis that presents itself under the form of a chronic cough and excessive nasal mucus production.

As it is an non-allergic condition, anti-allergic drugs will not help you at this point. The best approach to your situation is to use nasal saline spray to clean and clear the nasal airways.

I encourage you to communicate with your surgeon who knows the full details of your surgery and can physically examine you.

I hope this helps.

The best of luck to you.

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