Overnight After Rhinoplasty

Most doctors say it is important to have someone watch you overnight after rhinoplasty. What should they be looking out for?

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Someone with you overnight after Rhinoplasty

 Not only is it a good idea but in some states it is required that you have a responsible adult with you after Rhinoplasty or any surgery that has been given instructions on your post surgical medications and care.  This is for your safety so you don't take the wrong medication, wrong amount or have some medical issue that you are unable to call for help.

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First Night after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Yes, most plastic surgeons recommend a friend or family member to be with you the first day after cosmetic surgery, such as rhinoplasty. Commonly, they are assisting with obtaining medications, wound care, and other care instructions.  They may also help with simple or practical things such as food preparation or childcare. Lastly, you won't be able to drive for the first day after anesthesia.

More importantly the caregiver is "looking out for you". After anesthesia, you will be tired and possibly disoriented. Don't hesitate to contact your rhinoplasty surgeon with any questions. Best of luck.

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Early rhinoplasty recovery

After any kind of anesthesia you will be unable to drive to the pharmacy if a different medication is needed or to deal with a possible complication (i.e. bleeding)

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Reason for recommendation to be watched overnight by someone following a rhinoplasty

The recommendation that you attribute to several doctors of needing a person to stay with you overnight following a rhinoplasty can actually be applied to all surgical procedures that have been performed under general anesthesia where you are discharged to home the same day. The area of concern relates to effects from general anesthesia including drowsiness and confusion which in actuality are extremely low for low risk, healthy individuals. For a rhinoplasty, the most threatening issue is uncontrolled or profuse bleeding which is, fortunately, quite rare.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

I would agree with your surgeon, especially if you have a general anesthesia because most people take about 24 hours to fully recover from the anesthesia. Complications, such as heavy bleeding, are rare but if they do occur it is usually in the first 24 hours and it is safer to have someone with you who can call for assistance. In most cases, the family or friend caregiver will be there to make you more comfortable and to provide reassurance.

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Overnight help after surgery

It is a good idea to have someone with you overnight after any surgery.  Their job primarily is to look out for you.  You may be tired, drowsy, sore, nauseous, or all of the above.  Someone to get you medicine and food, help you up to bathroom if you need it, and just to keep you company can be a great help.   In the rare instances when there is an emergency or problem, such as bleeding or high fevers, your companion can call the doctor or 911 and get help if you are unable to do it. 

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Overnight After Rhinoplasty

After any surgery involving some type of anesthesia, it is important you have someone with you the first night to watch out for your general well being including bleeding, breathing and excessive fever or pain as well as giving you medication and food etc. You will be somewhat drowsy but responsive.

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Help after rhinoplasty

Most of the help after the surgery is dealing with the recovery from anesthesia.  There is also the possibility of bleeding and airway issues.  These are rare but it is nice to have someone around.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Help at home after rhinoplasty

Help is nice though not essential the first night after rhinoplasty. It is very unlikely that medication will make you incoherent or unable to care for yourself. It is nice to have someone around who cares, but not much to watch out for.

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Important to have a caregiver with you following surgery.

It's important to have a caregiver with you following any surgery including rhinoplasty.  Their role is more supportive than "looking out" for anything in particular.  After undergoing anesthesia, you will feel tired, groggy, and sometimes disoriented.  Your caregiver will help ensure you are taking your post-operative medications (pain control, sometimes antibiotics, and/or anti-nausea medication).  Additionally, they will help you get to the rest-room, provide you with fluids, and possibly a light easily digestible meal.

Finally, it's quite normal for your nose to ooze blood and mucous following a rhinoplasty, and you're caregiver will help you change your dressings and provide wound-care (as per your individual surgeon).  As mentioned, these are more supportive roles than true observation.  Have your caregiver chat with your surgeon immediately following surgery so they know the details of your operation and how best to care for you in the immediate post-operative period.

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