I developed a fever for about 12 hours after having the Femilift. Then it went away and I was fine. What could be causing this?

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Transient fever after FemiLift fractional CO2 laser treatment

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The resurfacing process present in your vagina may have caused modest inflammation leading to a transient fever. However, how many people experience a transient fever & have not had FemiLift?!  Who knows... but mention it to your healthcare provider... See weblink for FemiLift information...


Michael P Goodman, MD
Davis, CA, USA

Why did you have a fever after FemiLift?

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FemiLift is a type of fractional laser resurfacing. With any type of laser resurfacing (face, neck, body), a few people experience a temporary low grade fever that quickly resolves. In any event, mention this to your surgeon to make sure that the fever isn't due to anything else.

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