Overjet (Malocclusion)? Invisalign Candidate? (photo)

I am a 19 year-old female who already had braces as a teenager. However, in the time since I've had my braces off (2+ years), my jawbone has grown, resulting in malocclusion. I'm pretty sure what I have is overjet, NOT overbite, as my upper teeth do not cover my lower teeth. However, only my very back teeth touch when I bite down. Would Invisalign correct this issue, if used in conjunction with elastics? Approximately how long would it take?

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Invisalign to Correct an Overjet?

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Your situation is far worse than a simple overjet. You also have an open bite with a lower jaw that is in a retrusive position. Invisalign would not be the best way to treat your condition and trying to use Invisalign would give unpredictable results. To correct your malocclusion, you will either need to have surgery or functional jaw orthopedics. Do NOT allow anyone to extract upper bicuspids and retract your upper front teeth; this is the easiest way to give you straight teeth but will compromise your lips, face, nose, smile and TMJ.

Good luck!

Overjet and Invisalign

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What you have is much more severe than overjet. You have a very poor occlusion, only contacting on your molars. Invisalign is not great for getting your teeth to erupt into occlusion (biting). You should have a consultation with an orthodontist about standard braces.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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