Will an Overfilled Implant Void my Warranty?

Due to asymmetry, my PS gave me 250's but filled the left smaller breast to 315. I'm concerned that this 26% overfill potentially voids my warranty. Going back to see him tomorrow, but I want a second opinion. Why not just go up a size and fill within the recommended amount? (I have a very tiny chest; maybe that's why, but I originally asked for the 270's anyway) I don't even know, yet, why he reduced the implant size. What recourse do I have if the implant fails?

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Breast implant warranty and over filling of breast implants for augmentation surgery

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Overfilling of implants is thought to diminish rippling although it may increase peripheral scalloping. It will also decrease diameter while increasing projection. Taking all these factors into account, the surgeon may have decided that there was an advantage to overfilling the implant. Generally speaking the company will honor the warranty unless an excessive number of ruptures occurred using this technique by this specific surgeon.

Overfilling implants

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Overfilling an implant is sometimes doen for size mismatch as well as reducing the rippling of the implant.  Voidng the warranty is somethiing to ask the manufacturer.

Overfilling Saline Implants

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Implants have suggested fill ranges. Your plastic surgeon may be within that range. If he/she exceeded that range then the warranty will be voided. You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Dr. ES

Over Filling Can Void Implant Warranty

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Overfilling implants beyond the manufacturer's recommendation can void the warranty.  You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  It is unlikely that this will lead to a problem but a certain percentage of implants deflate over time and the manufacturer could refuse to furnish a replacement at no cost.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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