Overfilled cheekbones with Juvederm Voluma 1,3 years, PREJOWL SULCUS? Face lift or filler. (photo)

Dear Drs, my main issue were the hanging around my mouth (prejawl sulcus?) Now my temples are sunken and the cheeks looks overfilled. The lumpy that before I only noticed when looking down, now also at any position, Besides my cheeks look to full an unnatural. Melt it all with Vitrase? I don't want fillers in my cheeks as it didn't work. If I get Vitrase to eliminate the lumps each side of my moth and fill again with Juvederm, restylane? Is that possible? Or a facelift is the only solution? I'm 48 y.o.

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Lumpy filler

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1. You can dissolve the fillers with Vitrase,
2. I don't see the point of dissolving the mouth filler and re-injecting that area,
3. For the pre-jowl sulcus, a careful injection right over the bone may help,
4. but at your age, a face lift will give a better and long-term result.

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