Is It Okay Not to Overfill Implants?

Hi everyone! I TWO questions (: I am going to get implants in a few months I am wondering is it okay NOT to overfill implants? I heard that overfilling implants will make them firmer and I do not want that to happen at all. I'm a mid A cup wanting to get a full C/small D leaning towards 400/420 cc's probably. I'm 105 pounds and 5'4 I want a natural look even though I'm kind of going back for my size. But just from that I was wondering should i get mod+ or HP implants?

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Do not underfill implants. Overfilling prevents wrinkles.

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Implants have a fill range; for example, 250 to 300 cc. Underfilling or filling to only the lower half of the fill range may result in wrinkling or rippling. The wrinkles may eventually lead to failure of the implant shell and deflation( leakage of the saline).

Overfilling is done to help prevent ripples and wrinkles. One result of overfilling may be implants that feel a bit firmer. Women who are thin, have little body fat, and small breasts are at risk for having either palpable (you can feel them ) or visible (you can see them) folds from implants.

The one group of women who definitely benefit from silicone implants are thin women with little fat and breast tissue. Silicone implants do not wrinkle as much as saline ones do.

Moderate plus versus  High profile is determined by how much projection (WOW FACTOR) you want and how wide your breast is. Your surgeon should measure the the width of the base of the breast. The implant should be no wider than the breast. You do not want the implant going beyond the breast on the side or in the middle. The goal is to have as much breast tissue cover the implant as possible to help prevent the visible or palpable folds and wrinkles.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Filling volumes for implants.

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You ask two questions, whether or not one can underfill saline implants and whether moderate + or high profile devices are better for you. Saline implants have a particular size to them with a minimal and maximal fill volume. The reason to overfill (usually by about 10%) is to reduce the likelihood of rippling. This small overfill does not make the implant "firm." Overfilling beyond this level can make it firm, but if that were the case, why not simply choose a larger implant? Have you considered silicone gel implants? For women with smaller breasts, the implant becomes the dominant volume of the breast and the "feel" of the implant is more important. Silicone gel implants have a much more natural feel than saline and are safe devices. I've provided a link to the FDA website which gives information regarding the safety profile of current silicone gel devices.

As to whether moderate plus or high profile are right for you, it depends on size and how much you want the implants to stand out. Moderate + often give a more natural look, but also give less volume for a given width. The high profile provide a lot of projection which is useful when you want a larger volume without a wide implant or in a very small natural breast.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants for natural look

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i assume you mean it when you say you want a natural look. the overfilling question indicates you are thinking of saline implants.  for the most natural look, silicone implants would be better. based only on your pix (obviously an inperson exam would be most reliable),  a natural look would probably not be provided by implants as large as you mention. lastly, a natural look would be better served by mod + implants than by high profile.

     you do look like someone that could get a beautiful, natural looking result with a modest volume mod+ implant. silicone might be a bit better,  but a very nice result should be attainable with saline too. good luck.

Bruce K. Barach, MD
Schenectady Plastic Surgeon
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Is It Okay Not to Overfill Implants?

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Yes but you still need to fill to the manufactures minimum fill volume as labeled on the implant box. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

Implant choices

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high profile implants tend to look less natural, and more round

Overfilling may be firmer, but there will be less rippling.  There is no single correct answer here

David A. Lickstein, MD
Palm Beach Gardens Plastic Surgeon
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***PHOTOS: Breast implant volume: overfill or not?

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The reported advantage of overfilling an implant is to reduce wrinkling and theoretically the potential for crease fold failure. Underfilling an implant could therefore potentially result in a greater incidence of rippling and or rupture but this has not necessarily been shown to be true unless dramatically less than the recommended fill volumes.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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What is the correct fill volume for saline implants?

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If you are getting saline implants, fill volume is important. For example, if an implant is marked as 240cc, the manufacture recommends filling it to 270cc. Over filling beyond the recommended volume makes them feel firmer, under filling will cause more rippling. Without the benefit of examining you and measuring your breasts and chest wall it is hard to recommend an implant type. Looking at your picture, I venture to say that a high profile implant will make you look unnatural, the large volume will stretch your skin envelope significantly and you will end up with sagging breasts within 1-3 years. You need to discuss the long term consequences in your case with your plastic surgeon. Good luck.

It is OK not to overfill breast implants

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Saline breast implants do have a fill range determined by the manufacturer and is important to allow the implant to wear well and not fail prematurely. The implant will feel soft and have a minimum of ripple in the correct fill range and it is indeed OK not to overfill an implant. Overfill will increase the projection however the implant becomes stiff, and will begin to have ripples from the tension along the edges. The life expectancy of the implant may also be shortened. Best to choose the correct size, and fill to the correct volume.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Overfilling implants

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A couple of points. It depends on what you mean by overfill. If you mean to put more volume in than the manufacturer recommends, I would not do that. If you mean to fill to the maximum, then it might be okay. Your question regarding size and profile is too complicated to answer without examination since you should fit the implant to your anatomy and goals. You can read my other answer on how to choose a best fit and natural implant. My gut instinct is that what you describe would not be natural in the usual sense since mid-400's is relative large for someone your size.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Best implant fill volume

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The terminology is important when talking about fill volumes for saline implants (silicone implants are pre-filled). Saline implants have a specified fill range, for example 300 to 330 cc's. This implant is called a 300 cc implant so anything above that might be considered overfilling, but technically overfilling would be above 330. So at the low end of the range (300) the implants will be softer but more prone to rippling, and at the high end they will be rounder and firmer. The ideal volume is typically somewhere in between. Implants should never be underfilled, but there is no real harm in a slight overfill above the specified volume range other than a firmer feel.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 59 reviews

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