Overcrowded Teeth+Overbite: Am I Eligible for Invisalign? (photo)

Dear Dentists, I am seriously considering Invisalign due to the nature of my job, i can't have visible braces. I've been putting up with my overcrowded teeth and overbite for 24 years. Please advise if i'm a suitable candidate for the treatment. Your response matters so much! Thank you!

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Invisalign works for crowded teeth...

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Such as yours. It may take about 12 -14 months but you will see a huge improvement in your smile and facial contours...You lips will even become more even and putting on lip stick etc will be easier. I hope you get this treatment....

Los Angeles Dentist

Sure, but be open to auxiliaries to help the aligners work

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Great pictures by the way! Invisalign should handle the amount of crowding you have just fine, but what concerns me are how your two central incisors are tipped away from each other.

Uprighting those two front teeth from how they are tipped can be a tall task for Invisalign alone. Your orthodontist might talk to you about some auxiliary attachments to help with the tip of those two teeth. These auxiliary attachments are not the same buttons that help aligners hold teeth, and unfortunately they aren't going to make you aligners any less visible.  

It might be worthwhile to explore lingual braces (braces on the non visible side of your teeth) with your orthodontist, in addition to Invisalign, so that you can choose the right tool for what you want and get the smile you deserve. 

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

You look like a great candidate for Invisalign

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Invisalign should be able to correct your crowding situation. You MUST wear them 22/7, however, for them to be effective. ONLY remove them to eat!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Am I a Candidate for INvisalign

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Looking at the photos that you have provided us with it looks as though you would a great candidate for invisalign.  Invisalign are clear aligners that gently move your teeth into position.  They are invisible, removable and comfortable.  Remember that we need to place attachments or buttons on your teeth so they are not 100% invisible.  Good luck with you decision

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Invisalign works very well with overcrowding

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You look like a great Invisalign case and can have straight teeth with nearly invisible treatment.  However, often Invisalign needs to have "buttons" placed on the teeth to allow the desired movement, and some people feel that they are not invisible enough.  If absolute invisibility is required, be sure you can accept the limitations.

Invisalign is MOSTLY invisible, not COMPLETELY invisible.

Yes, Invisalign can do that!

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Hi, the crowding that you have seems to be on the moderate level, based on the photos.  Invisalign can correct this crowding by aligning your teeth and making them a little less wide by slightly re-contouring the sides of several teeth on top and bottom.  It's also important to see how your upper and lower teeth come together, which your photos do not show.  A thorough exam would be indicated to give further details about your orthodontic treatment options, but Invisalign should definitely be one of them!  Good luck!

Michael Gorlovsky, DMD
Suwanee Orthodontist

Invisalign is a Good Treatment for Overcrowding and Overbite

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Great photos!  Yes -- Invisalign is a great treatment option for correcting overcrowding and overbite issues.  I do cases like yours all of the time, and the results are great -- straight smile, healthy bite -- you don't need to put up with not liking your teeth for even one more year.

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