Overbite, No SPace, Had Braces at 25, Now 43. Relapsed. How to Fix Protrusion?

i am 43, . i had fixed braces when i was 25. . after a few years it relapsed .now, i have an overbite and no spaces. how can i fix this protrusion

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Overbite, No Space. How to Fix Protrusion?

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Overbite and protrusion are not the same. Some people mistakenly refer to excessive overjet as an overbite so I'm assuming that your are making that mistake here as "protrusion" refers to "overjet" not "overbite". At any rate, your problems can be resolved using appliances to develop your arches and realign your jaws. 

If you would like further information or references to very helpful websites just send me an email.

Good luck!

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