Went from Over the Muscle to Under, Is it Possible to go over Again?

3 weeks ago I had revision work of a 375cc to 465 EHP from over the muscle placement to under. This was due to having 2 children & experiencing rippling, my breasts also dropped once i stopped breast feeding. Immediately after surgery, my left breast bottomed out and my right has double bubble with a high riding implant and a saggy breast falling off the implant! I'm extremely unhappy with my look! Can I go back on top of the muscle again for a better result? How can this be sorted?

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Complication after Breast Revision Surgery

Thank you for your question.

At 3 weeks post op surgery, it is too early to do revisionary surgery.  You need to wait for everything to heal so that things are stable prior to performing revisionary breast surgery.

As you know, there are many downsides to having breast implants on top of the muscle (such as the rippling you were previously experiencing).  My suggestion would be to keep the implants under the muscle but correct the issues you are experiencing.

Make sure your surgeon has extensive experience with this type of revision surgery and can show you examples.

Best Wishes.

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It is unclear why you would want to change the pocket location.  More information would be necessary. It is certainly possible to switch the pocket.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Yes it is possible

In order to come up with a surgical plan you would need to be examined but based on what you stated this is what I would suggest.   It sounds as if the left implant has slipped out from beneath the muscle, which is why it has bottomed out.  The right implant is still under the muscle but malpositioned.  A revision could be done to put both back under the muscle or put them over the muscle once again. If you go over the muscle suggest using silicone breast implants which have much less rippling.  If you go under the muscle you may consider using a sling of alloderm in order to fix the implants in proper position.  Again, an in person consult would really be best to assess the best surgical plan.        

Scott Chapin, MD, FACS
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