10 day post op on Body Lift, Thigh, and Buttock Lift. Can I do too much at this point of recovery?

Hello, I am 10 days post operative, body lift, thigh and buttock lift. I have been on my feet most of the day since 8 days post op.... I still have one drain in place that should come out tomorrow. My question is, can I do too much at this point of recovery? I Have lots of pain at the end of the day then I take a pain pill and feel better. I want to know if there's anything that can set me back with my healing by standing and walking most of the day.

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Activity after a body lift

You have had a significant surgery.  You should follow the instructions that your surgeon has given you as they know you and what was done better than anyone else.  Typically I tell my patients that I want them up walking around to avoid such things as pneumonia and blood clots.  If there is a specific activity you want to do just ask your surgeon they will know what they are comfortable with.
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Body lift recovery

Thank you for your question and  congratulations on your surgery.  The answer is definitely YES.  You are still very early from a very large surgery.  I advise my patients to gradually increase their activity as they can tolerate, but no heavy lifting over 10-15 lbs for 6 weeks.  Aerobic exercise can generally  be started at 4 weeks.  At 10 days postop, you are still able to cause bleeding (hematoma) if you overexert yourself.  Make sure you check with your PS about advancing your activity.  Best wishes.

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