Outfracture Nasal Bones?

I got my septorhinoplasty 1 year ago to fix my crooked nose but, my surgeon narrowed to much my nasal bones. New surgeon I've seen, told me that he can widen nasal bones with medial osteotomies with out fracture and spreader graft to keep wider them but I haven't ask him how much it's possible to widen them. I think I need about 3-4 mm wider, in your opinion is possible to achieve it? Also I my upper lateral cartilage is collapsed, is better alar batten graft or lateral crura graft?

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Outfracture Nasal Bones?

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 I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 25 years and from what you are describing, your Revision Rhinoplasty would be relatively complicated and could not be summed up in a simple "paragraph long" answer.  

 Photos, of your nose form the front, base and side would help but unfortunately nothing is a s good as an in person consultation and examination with an experienced Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  Sounds like you might want to get one as a second opinion before having another Rhinoplasty.  IMHO, you should understand what's going to be done, to your nose and why before proceeding.

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