Outer,lower Edge of Alar is 2-3 Mm Lower on One Side After Touching in Sleep

i had nose-lengthening rhinoplasty and also corrected over-exposed nostrils 7 weeks ago. ever since day 3 of surgery, after i caught myself picking my left nostril in my sleep pretty vigorously, my left nostril's alar has become lower, and the outer edge of the alar-the part that meets the face, is actually 2-3 mm lower than the right !i am thin-skinned, and my nose has no noticeable swolleness . is there a way to resect part of my left nostril? i don't wantto touch the right nostril as it's gd.

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Nostril asymmetry

Each situation is unique and only your rhinoplasty surgeon knows the specific details of your procedure and should be the person commenting on post-operative questions such as this

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Touching your nose after Rhinoplasty may not have caused a change

  IMHO, I'm not convinced that you manipulating your nose, in your sleep, caused any permanent change to the alar rims.  You should have a discussion with the plastic and cosmnetic surgeon that did your Rhinoplasty to see if anything has changed and if so, what if anything should be done about it.

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