Had Outer Thigh Liposuction - Now Have Crease Between Butt and Thighs and Butt Looks Large

I had liposuction done on my outer thighs. Now - from the side - it appears as though my butt is larger because there is no smoothe contour to the thigh. There is also a crease between the butt and the thigh - which was not there before. I am 5'7" and 120lbs so he did not remove much fat but it has made a significant change in my appearance from the side. How do I correct this? Do I now need to have lipo on my butt to create a contour?

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Contour of adjoining areas after liposuction

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During the consultation process, it is normally determined if additional areas need liposuction in addition to the one desired so that there is a smooth transition. You should follow-up with your surgeon to evaluate if additional liposuction can be done on the buttock and hip to see if there is a gradual contour differential between the areas. At that time the crease you mention can be evaluated as well.

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