Outdoor Activities 1 Week After Fraxel and Sculptra

I have scheduled an appointment for doing fraxel to improve my small depressed scar together with scupltra. Can I go for outdoor activities 1 week after.

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Sun exposure after Fraxel

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If the scar that is being treated with Fraxel and Sculptra is on an area of the body that gets exposed to sunlight, such as the face, it is recommended that you avoid sun exposure until completely peeled and healed, which could be a few weeks.  Exposure to sun prior to being completely healed can cause pigment changes, lighter or darker, and can often be difficult to correct.  Strict sun avoidance and daily SPF use are a must to get optimal results from your treatment.

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Sun Exposure post Fraxel Treatments....

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I would highly recommend you to try to stay out of direct sun and/or all day outdoor activities that soon after a Fraxel treatment.  Especially if they are treating you aggressively for depressed scars.  You are more than likely going to experience hyperpigmentation....  I would encourage you to use Hydroquinone creams in between your treatments.


Dr. Grant Stevens    

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