Possible outcomes of levator recession procedure?

I have a retracted upper eyelid due to scarring (reconstructive surgery to left eye) and have hardly any muscle function although I can still blink, I am scheduled to have surgery called Levator Recession. Will I still be able to blink after that?

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Binking, probably not.

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To blink, the upper eyelid orbicularis muscle needs to work.  This can be damaged in a variety of ways but without the motor nerves to the orbicularis oculi muscle working the eyelid can't blink.  lengthening the upper eyelid by performing a levator recession will help the upper eyelid sit lower on the eye and provide better protection of the cornea but it will do nothing to restore the blink function.  I hope this work is being performed by an oculoplastic surgeon because to be blunt, this is the only type of surgeon who knows how to perform an under eyelid recession surgery.  Did the surgeon imply that the surgery would restore the blink, it so, I would encourage you to get some other opinions before agreeing to have surgery.

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