Outcome of Implant Removal After 9 Weeks?

I had my 300cc silicone unders removed 6 days ago. I had the removed after only 9 weeks. I was a small but perky B before removal. My PS seemed confident in his statement that my breasts should return to their preoperative state after removal. Right now my breasts are smaller than before my augmentation and definitely more loose. How long does it take for the tissues to "fluff" back up?

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Breasts after implant removal

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Time will tell - at 9 weeks, your breasts were likely still somewhat swollen after the initial augmentation surgery, so now you just have to wait a bit until all the swelling and inflammation goes away, which can take months.  It's difficult to exactly predict what your breasts will look like after this sequence of surgeries, but try to be patient and hope for the best.  Any breast surgery can change your breasts permanently, but there are so many variables that it is impossible to know. 

Implant removal and breasts

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It  is difficult to predict how the chest skin will respond to removal of the implants even after such a short time.  Howeer, time will tell.

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Implant removal

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Even though you had the implants for only 9 weeks, there maybe enough changes to your chest wall and breast tissue that it may not completely go back to normal.  It will however take up to three months to see them settle in.  

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