Can vaginoplasty create a absent vagina?

I'm 21 year old and I've know I had vaginal agenesis since I was 18. I've tried recently vagina dilators on and off but it seems to be taking way to long. I am now in a serious relationship and my boyfriend has not been able to penetrate me. Will vaginoplasty strength and create my vagina safely in order to have regular penetration sex? Thank you.

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Will vaginoplasty create an absent vagina?

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I would like to support Dr. Miklos's answer.  Dr. Miklos and his partner Dr. Rob Moore are who you want to see for this kind of problem.  This is not cosmetic gynecology or vaginal tightening.  This is fixing a congenital anomaly. Other folks do these procedures.  But the techniques that Miklos and Moore have described in the literature and their vast clinical experience and surgical skill make these gentleman the ideal surgeons for you to consult with. 

Neovagina vs Vaginoplasty

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Dear Jayyyyne25:

A vaginoplasty is really a generic term which means "surgery of the vagina".  Most surgeons use the term to mean "vaginal tightening".  What you are interested in is a "neovagina".  A neovagina surgery is much much more specialized than even doing a vaginoplasty.   Most women who find out they have vaginal agenesis actually have an underlying condition known as MRKH or AIS.   MRKH has a prevalence of 1/5000 women and these women are born with only a dimple of a vagina.   My partner and have been performing laparoscopic Neovagina surgery since 1999.  I learned this least invasive technique known as the Davydov Procedure in Russia that year and since have performed more than 400 cases with a 97-98% satisfaction rate.  This means the woman is able to have intercourse without pain and she is happy with the results of the surgery.  

John R Miklos MD 

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

You need a neovagina, not vaginoplasty

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You were born with vaginal agenesis. This is treated by the creation of a new vaginal canal. The procedure is called a neovagina, not vaginoplasty, and is done by various techniques. Vaginal agensis is uncommon so few surgeons do these procedures in high volume. However, Drs. Miklos and Moore, whom I've known for decades do the finest laparoscopic neovagina procedures in the U.S. Go there and get on with your life.

Can Vaginoplasty create an absent vagina?

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Dear Jayyyne25,

Thank you for writing in with your excellent question.  As Dr. Miklos said below, there are several conditions that cause vaginal agenesis.  The original name of the procedure to create a new vagina (neovagina) in someone with vaginal agenesis was Vaginoplasty until more recent years where it has been used more as a lay term for surgery on the vagina.  This surgery can absolutely help you.  Please do your homework to find the best in the country (I believe Dr. Miklos is one of them) and get at least 2 opinions before you undergo surgery.

Best of luck!


Troy Robbin Hailparn, MD, FACOG

Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio

Troy Hailparn, MD
San Antonio OB/GYN
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