Wondering if I would be a good candidate for an areola breast lift?

I want my areolas a lot smaller and more proportioned and perkier breasts. But i do not want implants. Would this operation work for me?

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Areolar lift

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You can reduce the size of your areola but this will decrease the projection of your breast.   By perkier most patients mean more upper pole fullness and  nothing will get you that except and implant or some fat grafting.  I would stay away from the areolar lift - you have nice breasts no point in putting a scar on them.

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lifts should give you a full perky breast, (the areolar technique probably won't)

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Hi there,

I think that an areolar lift alone may not be satisfying for you.  Although I only have a couple photos to go by, I would worry that just moving your areola alone may not look nice.  You may actually make your breasts look a bit unusual if you move the areola too much as they will sit above your breast tissue and point upwards.  Also by just doing a lift and not altering the shape of the underlying breast tissue you will have a flattening affect on your breast.

What you really need is to see a breast surgeon (a plastic surgeon with a special interest in breast surgery...not just a cosmetic surgeon) in your area to go over all your options.  I think that you have some excellent features to your breasts that could help them look terrific after surgery.  However, there are some specific procedures that I would hope that they discuss with you.  In particular I think you could get an excellent result if you either did some fat transfer to the upper breast or just reshape the breast tissue to make a perky full breast.  Based on the photos I think that by using a self-augmentation technique you could have a beautiful shape with nice full projection.  Something that an areolar lift alone could not do. 

Good luck.

Dr Rodger Shortt
Plastic Surgeon
Oakville Ontario

Rodger Shortt, FRCSC
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Periareolar breast lift

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Dear Shannon,
A periareolar breast lift will likely flatten your breasts and take away any projection that you currently have.  Reconsider an implant, or possibly even fat transfer, if you have any fat to transfer.  Good luck!

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Areola lift

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The areola lift can decrease the areola size and elevate its position on the breast mound to some extent.  Other types of breast lifts can tighten the skin more, although there are more visible scars.  It is best to consult a plastic surgeon and look at some of their before and after photos of each type of lift so you can get a sense whether the areola lift would provide enough of a change for you.

Areolar Brest lift

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An areolar lift may flatten your breasts more than you would like. I would use that approach with implants, however on its own I would use a vertical lift to give better projection. 

Areola lift?

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You do not have a lot of breast volume, and an areola lift will probably not do too much for you.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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