How can I get rid of water retention/puffiness due to HA fillers in my cheeks? Is dissolving filler my only option? (Photo)

Since having my malar cheek implants removed 2 years ago I have tried every kinds of HA filler incl Voluma to add volume to my deflated cheeks. I am now very puffy and am retaining water around my cheek area, close to my nose and my under eye area due to the filler. How can I get the puffiness to go away? Do I have to dissolve the ha fillers (I've spent thousands) or is there another way to get rid of the water/puffiness? I know this is not an allergic reaction. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Puffiness Under Cheeks

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I would consult a board certified dermatologist to examine the area since Sculptra may be a better treatment for you.  Could you post photos before and after the implants were removed to help? Best, Dr. Green

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