I had a rhinoplasty on January 4th. It's 9 months since my surgery but I can barely breathe through my nose.

Hello I had a rhinoplasty on January 4 so it's about 9 months of it. Personally I love how my nose looks now. When I was younger I got hit in the nose 3 to 4 times so it changed its appearence. I had trouble breathing and deviated septum so i got a surgery. Then I started dislinking my nose ( because it got wider and had a bump. I love the result its perfect but I CAN'T BREATHE i feel like i have to blow up and ppl think im sick because of my congestionated sound help me please its uncomfortable

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Nasal obstruction

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There are many different reasons for blockage of the nose including nasal valve narrowing, allergies, turbinate hypertrophy, deviation of the septum etc. It is a long list and what you need is a good evaluation by an Otolaryngologist to get the correct diagnosis before any treatment can be recommended. 


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Breathe Problem

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I recommend you to go your surgeon. You may need another surgery for improvement of airway.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Obtaining your previous operative note and consulting with a rhinoplasty specialist would be helpful. Good luck!

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Check with your doctor

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It should be a good idea to find out the problem. Visit your Doctor and let exam your nose from inside. Sometimes the reason could be some Rhynitis, some scaring from surgery.


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