What are the possible options to correct an unsatisfactory result following a facelift?

I am 11 months after facelift and I am not happy with the result: still have double chin and jowls - jowls more prominent because of depression in the jawline. What initially appeared to be swelling never subsided and I have what looks like cords of skin running down from chin and jaw into the neck area. Photo is of right side, left side similar but not as bad. What could possible have happened and what options should I discuss with surgeon?

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Your Options for Revisionary Surgery

I'm very sorry to read about your displeasure with your facelift results. I imagine you're in a very frustrating situation. Unfortunately, it looks like your photos failed to upload, so it's difficult to offer you specific guidance for your issue. I can offer you some general advice, though. Facelift revision is likely a good option, and, at 11 months after your first procedure, you may be eligible to undergo it now. On the other hand, if your complaints are mostly limited to your chin, you could undergo neck lift surgery to help resolve what you're experiencing. Please see a qualified plastic surgeon near you to review your options more closely. Best of luck to you.

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11 months after face lift and unhappy.

I always recommend that you return to your original surgeon to discuss these issues. You may also seek additional consultations from Specialists in your area.  If a revision is performed it generally is safe around one year after previous surgery.

Remember to discuss all of your concerns during your consultation.  Making a list will help. 

Ernest Robinson, MD
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Jowl Correction May Have Been Inadequate

Unfortunately, there are no photos to see what you are describing. It sounds like you should have had a more aggressive procedure than what was performed. It is possible that the jowls were not raised as much as possible and that the neck bands were not addressed completely. You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., MD, FACS
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Thank you for your question. At 11 months your concerns are not likely to change therefore it's probably best to sit down with your surgeon and review your results in detail. Plastic surgeons want their patients to be content and are usually more than willing to sit down and go over things. Often looking at pre and post-op photos is helpful to see what has changed and what persists. This will allow you to specifically touch upon each issue and see what can be done. It is possible that a revision will allow you to address most if not all of your concerns
Best of Luck

Lee A. Gibstein, MD
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Sorry, but there are no photos posted to look at.  Some banding may be residual skin issues or muscle issues.

Steven Wallach, MD
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What are the possible options to correct an unsatisfactory result following a facelift?

I am sorry to hear of your Ace lift experience.  The first step should be an open and thorough discussion of your disappointment with your plastic surgeon.  Most reputable towards certified plastic surgeons will revise facelifts when results are not satisfactory.   The fact that you're seeing cords in the neck and jowls probably indicates that the facelift was not extended into the lower face and neck  and a Platysmaplasty or plication of the platysma muscles in the neck was not done.


Hello, was is a facelift addressing the entire neck or a minifacelift? As they will give different results. The cords could be loose muscle that could need to be addressed surgically if they are still present. I would recommend discussing your dislikes with your PS as getting their opinion on what is causing the current appearance. I would also seek out a board certified plastic surgeon for a second opinion. 

Paul W. Papillion, MD
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Options to improve unsatisfactory facelift result.

I am sorry to hear you are not happy with your result.  To try an improve this, you should 1st return to your surgeon, point out your concerns and ask if these issues can be corrected/revised.  Your surgeon knows exactly what was done and is in the best position to address these issues.  If you are concerned that a revision by the original surgeon would not correct your issues, then you should seek one or several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons who have and can show your an extensive before and after photo gallery of their facelift experience.  It is difficult to offer meaningful advice about anatomical issues without an in person examination.   Always choose a board certified plastic surgeon.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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Cords in the neck after facelift, Scar banding

The cords or banding in the neck after a facelift can have multiple causes. They may be the result of an adequate management of the platysma muscle. They may also be the result of scar banding secondary to skin flap elevation or liposuction. If the banding is from the platysma muscle neuromodulators such as Botox may help to correct the problem. If the banding is caused by scar tissue then surgical revision with release of the scarring and on occasion the placement of a sheet of tissue between the skin and the muscles of the neck can resolve the problem. On occasion it may simply be excess skin that can be removed with revision surgery.

Edward Farrior, MD
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