Which Natrelle Product is Right for Me - SSF435 or SRF435? SRX 415 or SRX465?

I have Inspira SSF435 above the muscle and have rippling. Would the Inspira SRF435 be a better option if I dont care about firmness? Or what about the SRX 415 or 465 - what would be the reason/choice to choose that over the other? It would be more narrow, is that better or worse for rippling? I want aesthetically pleasing over softer. Textured makes no sense for rippling right?

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Rippling with Subglandular Implants

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   Rippling with subglandular implants can be helped by switching to a submuscular plane.  Also, silicone implants tend to ripple less than saline implants.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA


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The rippling is due to inadequate soft tissue coverage.....you are not fat. 

Being thin is a good thing unless you are trying to hide implants. To lessen rippling one can switch from saline to silicone, and put them under the muscle instead of on top of the muscle.

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