Should I Move my Implants to Below the Muscle? (photo)

i have rippling on the inside and bottom... not at the top. would moving to under the muscle help? I know that the muscle would cover some but not all the implant but when see pics of how much muscle and where it would cover I see different images. some show it as covering where my rippling is and other images show it as not covering that. how can i know? i'm 5'4" 115lbs with 435 Inspira silione implants over the muscle. I used to have unders but prefer overs as they move better.

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Saline implant rippling

Rippling at the bottom is not unusual but rippling along the medial edge is not as common.  Saline implant when placed under the muscle just have more soft tissue coverage thus less of a chance of rippling.  The only exposed portion is in the lower outer quadrant where there is no muscle.  You could consider using gel implants instead. 

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Fat Grafting and Dermal Matrices for Rippling

   Fat grafting or the placement of a dermal matrix can help with rippling in subglandular implants.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Improve Breast Implants Rippling

Your options to improve rippling include changing your implants under the muscle,placing a medical material called strattice, and fat grafting.There is also a so called form stable implant which feels firmer but has no ripples.

Michael Horn, MD
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Should I Move my Implants to Below the Muscle?

Another thought is using fat grafting to areas that you see the ripples. Seek in person evaluations to explore these possibilities. 

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Rippling and implants

Most implants placed under muscle have no muscle coverage over the lower pole of the breast. It is unusal to have full muscle coverage of implants. In cases of lift and augmentation almost impossible to have muscle coverage over lower pole. Switching from saline to silicone can help. Use of materials such as a cellular dermal matrix is very helpful but expensive.  If you want to keep saline implants making sure they are filled to maximum volume also reduces risk of rippling.


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Rippling implants

Sometimes placing implants below the muscle will be enough to cover the area of rippling.  Use of an acellular dermal matrix will help mask rippling especially in the lower pole.  Sometimes switching the type of implant will also help with rippling (especially to a form stable type implant).

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Rippling implants

If you have rippling in the lower pole, then putting the implants under the muscle will not help. Placing them under the muscle helps for upper pole issue.  Strattice may help for the lower pole.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Implant Rippling

Placing the implant below the muscle will not improve the rippling.  Your muscle only covers to the level of the nipple and everything below is uncovered.  You may want to speak to you surgeon about using acellular dermal matrix such as alloderm to provide inferior pole coverage - this combine with subpectoral placement may improve the rippling.  Ultimately, your rippling is due to implants that have too large a diameter for your chest wall, so they get deformed and rippled.  If the rippling is more important than size, I would switch to a smaller implant that fit your breast. If size is important, then rippling is a tradeoff that is hard to correct.


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Silicone implants for less rippling (gummy bear)

Dear CuriousSally.  I think I answered another question you had about left-sided hardening.  As far as the rippling goes, you may want to consider switching to the Form-Stable Silicone gel implants (a.k.a."gummy bear").  Putting your implants under the pectoral muscle will probably not help the rippling where you describe.

Victor Ferrari, MD, FACS
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Implants - over or under the muscle

Your photos suggest you had a lift and implants.

The rippling suggests you have saline implants

You have very large implants for a small frame. 

  • You can't be sure that placing the implants under the muscle will fix the rippling. Usually it does, not always. 
  • Your implants under the muscle may not look as well-positioned as now.
  • If you can't live with rippling, consider the surgery. If you can - you might want to leave well enough alone?

Best wishes

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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