Left breast is larger, harder 1 month post-op, is it a hematoma or capsular contracture? (photo)

left breast is larger, harder 1 month post-op, doc thinks it was a hematoma that ultrasounds didn't pick up on....

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Capsular contracture?

Thanks for your question, but there is no way to tell without a physical examination. More info regarding your surgery--size of implants, size change since surgery, asymmetry before surgery, etc.--would also help.

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Without an exam we cannot determine whether it’s a capsular contraction or a hematoma. Best person to help you is your PS or get a second opinion if your questions are not being answered by him /her.



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Capsular Contracture?

Dear CuriousSally.  It's hard to diagnose a capsular contracture by the photos you've provided.  I doubt you could have a CC this soon after surgery.  The scar tissue capsule has not had enought time to mature and cause hardness.  Hematoma is a possibility, but that should have made the left breast look larger as well. 

If you have saline implants and your surgeon put more on the left, then it would make the left feel firmer.  The most likely thing is that the left side pocket is tighter than the right.  If that's the case, proper massaging and gentle stretching of the tissues should alleviate the problem.

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