Will my nipples raise again after my implants drop? (Photo)

I got 360cc silicone implants, it's been a week post op and as I do know the implants take several weeks to drop into place - does that mean my nipples will become more symmetrical in the centre of my breast as time goes on? At the moment they're a little further down my breast than I would like but I'm wondering if that's temporary or if that's where they will remain even after the implant drops into its final placement.

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Will my nipples raise again after my breast implants drop?

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You have an excellent result so early after surgery. As the implants drop over the next 3 months the nipple wil be pushed higher.

1 week post op

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Most patients experience a slight lift as the implants drop and settle into their pocket. You are very early in your healing process so just give your body time to adequately heal. Remember, it can take a good 6 months to see your final results to allow all the swelling to resolve and to let the implants settle. Good luck!!!

Nipples and implants

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It would be nice to see preop photos to see what they looked like before surgery.  You will have to give it time to settle. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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