Is minoxidil working or am I still recovering from Telogen Effluvium? (Photo)

I am 54 yo female. I lost considerable density in my hair in 2015 over 2 month period. Diagnosis in February 2016 was "TE resolved uncovering mild AGA" . minoxidil 5 % recommended. Started once a day application in mid April 2016. I am trying to figure out Minoxidil is working. I seem to have a lot of hair around 2-3 inches similar in texture to my hair, but since TE I have had a lot of short hair sprouting. How can i tell if minoxidil is working or if the short hairs are still TE recovery.THx!

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Minoxidil for TE

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It's a great question and your dermatologist can give you a definitive answer based on the peak of your shedding.

It does sound like the minoxidil is doing something for you. The timing and length of hairs seem right on for good evidence that minoxidil is helping.

Could it be simply that your TE is resolving? Well, it 'could' be but I'd expect those hair to be much longer by now if your shed was sometime in 2015.

See your derm for follow up and be certain that you've had your ferritin, TSH, hemoglobin tested, and had a full physical in the past year.

Vancouver Dermatologist


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Minoxidil if used correctly and allowed to absorb into the scalp is one of the most effective therapies for increasing the rate of hair growth and to some degree as preventative measures.  The results of minoxidil use is seen 2-3 months after its use.   

It could be a combination of both but minoxidil certainly a boost. 

Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD
Beverly Hills Physician
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