I need a routine checkup after 5 years of breast surgery?

I did a breast augmentation 5 years ago. I need to do a routine checkup to see if everything it's ok or no? I don't have any symptoms, I'm just curious

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I need a routine checkup after 5 years of breast surgery?

Thank you for your question. Remember, it is best to be seen in person by a double-board-certified plastic surgeon for precise diagnosis and treatment.

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Routine checkups

Although it depends on the surgeon’s preference, there is no need to get a checkup performed by your surgeon 5 years after your surgery if everything is okay. You should, however, get routine breast checks done by your family doctor. 

Leila Kasrai, MD, FRCSC
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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I need a routine checkup after 5 years of breast surgery?

As long as your breasts look good, feel good and you are happy with their size, there is nothing to do. I do not recommend routine MRI scans in that situation. You are good to go. Good luck.

Robert Graper, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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I need a routine checkup after 5 years of breast surgery?

We routinely advise annual checkups following breast augmentation. If you haven't hadone for 5 years then you should make an appointment with your surgeon ASAP. Good luck!

George Lefkovits, MD
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I need a routine checkup after 5 years of breast surgery?

You need annual breast exams and depending on our age you may need mammograms. These are done by your primary care doctor or your gynecologist. Breast implant exams are necessary only if you feel you are having problems.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Check-up after breast augmentation

You only need a check-up if you have a problem.  I try to encourage patients to come back every year or so but only a few do.  Of course you should follow the Canadian Cancer Society guidelines for mammography which are different from the Americans.  We tend to recommend starting at age 50 unless you have a strong family history of breast cancer.  You should of course get a check-up if you notice anything different.

Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, MD
Banff Plastic Surgeon
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Is a check up 5 years after a breast augmentation needed?

Much of this answer depends on your surgeon as every surgeon has a different routine. If your implants are saline and they are soft with the same shape as when they were placed and you are satisfied with the appearance, then there is no compelling reason to be checked unless you want reassurance that everythinbg is fine. A ruptured saline implant will decrease in size fairly quickly (days usually). However, depending on your age, you should be getting regular breast exams with mammograms scheduled according to your family physician or OB/GYN. 

If your implants are silicone, then there may be more reason to be checked at least yearly, again depending on how accessible and responsive your surgeon is. A leaking silicone implant may not decrease in size. Long term one worries about a leak which may in turn cause a capsular contracture. In general, if your breasts are soft, there is no change in shape, and you have no pain, it is unlikely you have a ruptured implant. The FDA recommends an MRI every two years beginning in year three to look for a leak or a rupture. You and your surgeon can decide whether or not to follow this type of long term evaluation.

Gustavo E. Galante, MD
Schererville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation

I like to see patients every year, but I will admit that most do not return for follow-ups after about 6 months or so.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Follow-up examinations

I generally recommend and make available annual follow-up examinations for my breast implant patients, both cosmetic and post-mastectomy reconstruction. It gives me the chance to evaluate changes that you have questions about and it keeps your medical record up-dated and active.  Then, if there were a need to know more about your implants, should there be a change in the future, then your surgeon would know what size, style, manufacturer and specifics of your surgical procedure.  You should keep any records about your surgery in case you move or the surgeon moves to a new office or retires.  Keep in mind that hospitals will not necessarily have your medical records after 5-10 years. We are glad that you are doing well now.

John M. Weeter, MD
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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I need a routine checkup after 5 years of breast surgery?

Thank you for sharing your question.  Though not required it is nice to have annual exams to ensure your implant integrity and assess any issues that may be developing.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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