Extreme swelling, scarring and drooping 10 weeks after ptosis surgery? (Photos)

I had ptosis surgery exactly ten weeks ago. I had very bad swelling/infection following the surgery, and had to go on antibiotics which did help somewhat. However, my eye remains as droopy if not more then before. A scar is still very visible, and I have a 'double' eyelid of sorts, or excess skin in my crease that won't fold down. My eye also gets tired easily, and in the past week or so has not been fully closing and feels very tender. What should I do?

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This is fixable in expert hands.

You should heal a full 6 to 12 months before having this revised.  The challenge is separating the scared planes in the eyelid to correct the ptosis surgery.  For this reason the full 6 months of healing is needed.  The upper eyelid fold needs to be reconstructed as well to help the two sides look like each other.  Study the attached video below.

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