Bresbyopia after Lasik procedure?

I am 49y.o , has been 1 week since my Lasik for myopia -7.75 with astigmatism, so far I see pretty well at far distances 20/25 but I am so dizzi and vision fluctuation from close (reading- computer, etc) and small letters ( all small details ! ) . How long will take my eyes to adjust (or my brain) .. this is normal ?? ThanX

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Presbyopia after lasik or Monovision

Your md should have consented you that you'd need readers afterwards. Now it's too late im

i do more Monovision than any other md in nyc. He should have done thi ls got you. Push everyone over 40 to do mono

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I would recommend that you try reading glasses for near work.  Generally, everyone over the age of 40 begins having issues focusing up close due to presbyopia.  Presbyopia is the natural aging process where our eyes’ ability to focus on near objects begin to deteriorate.  It is possible that your vision up close may improve slightly as your eyes continue to heal but you will most likely need to invest in a pair of reading glasses once your vision has stabilized.

Jay Bansal, MD
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