After my six laser removal session for my bikini area and my underarm, I still have a lot of hair, is this normal?

I am a 29 year old female. I have thick black hair and light skin and my physician told me before we started the treatment that I am a good candidate for laser hair removal. However, after my six laser removal session for my bikini area and my underarm, I still have a lot of hair, is this normal?

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Persistent hair after 6 LHR

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This can happen. If the settings are too conservative, too cautious, or the wrong laser is used, hair growth will continue. It is actually counterproductive to use lower settings because this sometimes cause the hair to miniaturize which makes it much harder to treat.

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Laser treatments for bikni and underarms and still have hair

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Its very important to use the right laser, with enough power right from the beginning; using too conservative settings in order to produce less discomfort can be counterproductive, only making the hair thinner and future treatments difficult. Someone of your skin type we are often able to get close to 90% reduction even by 3rd session. 

Ram Chandra, MD
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Little response to #LaserHairRemoval

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Dear sorra:Hair removal needs to be performed with lasers rather than light devices, and the highest tolerable settings need to be chosen with the very first treatment. Otherwise, hairs will only be stunned and smaller rather than permanently eliminated, and with subsequent treatments, more difficult to eradicate.  The timing between treatments is also critical, as the hairs that are growing in after a prior treatment are in the early growing phase and have the most melanin, the target for the laser.If you feel you have not achieved more than, say, 70% reduction at this point, you might consider getting a second opinion with a dermatologist who can request your treatment records and help you to understand why you have not seen better results.  All the best,  Dr. Clark

Hair present after laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal requires appropriate settings to ensure laser hair removal.  If the laser settings are too conservative patients can see hair still present.  Also ensure that the machine being used is the appropriate wavelength for you.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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