Otoplasty, Can This Procedure Correct Very Large Ears to Smaller, Not Protruding?

I'm 47 and I have large ear cartlidge but my ears don't protrude. Can this be corrected to give me smaller ears on my petite frame? I have never exposed my ears & would like to wear my hair back.

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Otoplasty to make the ear smaller not more pinned back

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You can reduce the size of the ears. It depends on the situation. If it is mainly your earlobes this would be relatively simple procedure. You would need an incision at the base of the earlobe. Most of the time this is the situation. If this is not the only reason, you may need to reduce the cartilage and skin at the top and this is more involved but doable.

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Large Ear Reduction Methods

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Reduction of large ears is different than that of protruding ears. There are two techniques for reduction of large ears depending upon the amount of reduction needed. One technique uses an approach from behind the ear which, while producing no visible scar, will only reduce the height of the ear a minor amount. The other ear reduction approach removes both cartilage and skin and leaves an irregular scar across the horizontal width of the upper ear. It can reduce the size of the ear dramatically but one must consider that carefully given the scar trade-off.

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