Otoplasty. Burns behind my ears plus 5mm asymmetry?

Hi. I am 3 weeks after my otoplasty surgery. Behind my ears I have some red points that look like burns or scratches made my electrical scalpel . Are these marks going to disappear completely and if yes how much time they need approximately ,because they are quite visible behind my ear. Also one of my ear is protruding 5mm more than the other. Is this acceptable or a revision is necessary if they stay like this. Please reply, I'm really worried... Thank you in advance

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Otoplasty Burn and Assymetry

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Any small burns behind the ears should be inconspicuous over time.

The asymmetry may change with the resolution of the edema (swelling). It takes up to one year to see the final result.

Consult your plastic surgeon and trust the advise. Be patient.

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