Is There Anything I Can do to Get Rid of the Internal Scarring After Otoplasty?

I had otoplasty on my right ear for a deformity called lop ear which made my ear asymmetrical because of the shape of the helix appearing flat from the side instead of a more natural curve of the helix to look normal. Its been two years since the surgery and the part of my ear near the helix looks swollen like it has an internal scar and the front and back of my ear are dark in color compared to my skin tone (im african amer.). Is there anything I can do to get rid of the "internal scarring"?

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Scarring Treatments

As always, consultation with a surgeon is going to be the only way to tell if you are a candidate for any kind of treatment. In general, skin discolorations can be treated with either lightening creams or laser treatments, even in African American skin. If there is firmness of the lobule due to scar tissue, steroid injections may be helpful to improve the appearance of the area.

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Is There Anything I Can do to Get Rid of the Internal Scarring After Otoplasty?

It will be really helpful to have some pictures to evaluate your case. There are different options in treating scaring that range from massage, silicone sheets, pressure application, steroids, laser and surgery as well.

Hard to suggest any of these with out pictures.

Good luck

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