I had otoplasty just over 3 years ago and having pain on one ear and beading?

Hi, so it was just over 3 years ago when i had my ears pinned back and recently I've been having really bad pains on the folding of the operation on my right ear. Also I've been getting a really weird pain there then i go to touch it, it goes really sensitive and gives a horrid shiver/shock and makes my eyes water. When this happens, i go really light headed and this lasts all day. I've been taking paracetamol but its not working. i don't know what to do. cant cope with this pain.

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Pain after otoplasty

neuropathy or neural pain can occur after any surgery days, months, or even years later.

I would likely suggest a series of Kenalog and 5-fluorouracil mixed together and injected conservatively around 2-4 times. If you have a neuroma that is developed you can have pain from that and in some cases he simply have to operate and remove the irritated nerve and tissue. That being said even this can be problematic because it may not alleviate her symptoms.

I would start out with a series of injections first But first you must go see your surgeon or at the very least get a good physical exam and evaluation from a plastic surgeon who is familiar with this type of procedure. do not start the above suggested treatment until you have seen your surgeon.

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