I Had an Otoplasty 5 Weeks Ago, Could I Get a Hematoma if I Go Paintballing and Get Shot in the Ear?

I was just wondering what the complications would be if I were to be shot in the ear at paintball.

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Otoplasty and Contact Sports

Hematoma is a collection of blood in the ears.  While wrestling is the sport most commonly associated with hematomas and cauliflower ears, any direct trauma to the ears can cause this.  Theoretically if you are wearing a helmet and headband, the likelihood of having significant impact to your ears is small.  However, an unprotected ear has a higher chance of direct impact.  Consult with your surgeon and weigh the risks and benefits of all contact sports, especially after otoplasty.

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Use Common Sense During Recovery Period

Otoplasty 5 Weeks Ago, "Could I Get a Hematoma if I Go Paintballing and Get Shot in the Ear?" - Absolutely - and I would wait at least a few months or wear hard  protective gear covering your ears. 


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Otoplasty and Paint balling?

Thank you for the question. Although it is not possible to predict exactly what would happen if you sustained trauma to the ear  at this point, I would suggest that you NOT  find out. In other words, avoid "contact sports”  of any kind for an additional 2 to 3 months if possible.

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