Otoplasty two weeks post op, tips stick out? (photo)

Hi. I had an otoplasty 2 weeks ago. I am highly disappointed. Specifically the tips. I don't think I need or want a full revision. just for the tips to be straight up. Would this be easy to do? Would I need to wait 3 or 6 months? I'm going back to the surgeon next week. I'm in a foriegn country though and leaving two days later. I feel like just telling him that I will sign whatever I have to sign just stick another stitch on the top of each ear.

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Otoplasty two weeks post op, tips stick out ?

Hello usuthuinduna7,
Nothing can be said yet about the final result just 2 weeks after the operation, regardless of whether you had your ears pinned with a traditional method or with the new stitch method. The preliminary result can first be seen 3 months after the operation at the earliest, and the final result after 6 months. If your ears should remain as they are now, then the tops of your ears can be pinned closer to your head with 2 threads very atraumatic and minimally invasively with the stitch method. A further operation with the traditional method could only correct them by cutting the ears open again, whereby this method can’t guarantee that this position can be corrected because the ears are often permanently held by scars.

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Otoplasty Problem

There may be some swelling that may be effecting the superior helix of the ears. Consult and trust your surgeon.

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