Are These Otoplasty Scars Normal After 1 Month? (photo)

Hi there, My son had otoplasty a little over a month ago. I have noticed these little bumps at the bottom of his ear. It appeared to be tension from the stitch, but they do not seem to be going away. I had otoplasty 25 years ago, and my experience was very different. Any input on the photo is appreciated. He is scheduled to go back in a month for a follow up with his surgeon, but I am a little worried and am thinking about going sooner in case it is keloids forming.

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Abnormal Scarring After Otoplasty

Thank you for your photograph.  The picture is a bit dark so I can not tell if this abnormal scar formation or irregularities in a normally healing incision.  If you have concerns then you should just go back to your son's surgeon for re-evaluation.

Dr. ES

Otoplasty Scars

Otoplasty scars can take up to one year to finalize.  Early on, if the surgeon used what is known as "locking sutures" tiny elevations can occur early on.  The benefit of this suture is that it provides some hemostasis (bleeding).  In addition, a single layer closure behind the ear is more likely to create those small "bubbles".  Watch your scars closely and hopefully it wil resolve on its own.  If the scars do not settle down, either an injection of kenalog is often a good first step.  If kenalog is unsuccessful, a scar revision can take place as early as 6 months after the procedure.

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