Should I Have Otoplasty Revision with the Same Doctor? (photo)

I had otoplasty over a year ago and my Dr said he could give me the effect I wanted but didn't. The top my ears bend, you can clearly see it in my photos .Now he says he'll try a revision but its very high on the helix and most revisions come out bad. He's going to try to put a 3rd suture in higher up. He's going to do this with a topical numbing cream, probably lidocaine. Are there any suggestions on how to correct this problem that you think I should run by my Dr before the surgery?

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Over One Year Ago

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Revision Otoplasty can be quite useful, but will never bring perfection.  However, if you fully trust your surgeon's abilities, properly placed Mustarde sutures can help reshape the superior pinna (upper ear).

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Suture otoplasty can work

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Thank you for your question and photographs. It is possible to perform an otoplasty with sutures alone  under local anesthesia without any incisions. It is best for creating a more defined crease on the upper aspect of the ear to push the  upper ear back closer to the head. I suspect that this is what your surgeon has in mind. As far as whether or not you trust him to do this, that is up to you. You may want to ask for some before and after photos of similar cases. Good luck.

James McMahan, MD
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