Otoplasty revision required? (Photo)

I had an otoplasty 10 days ago ,from what i see so far the result is worse than i could ever expect ..The antihelix seems to be separated and put back "squeezed" to place ,the helical rim is not visible frontally and is completely overshadowed by a "new" double -deformed antihelix .Do you think there is any chance of improvement through time ? Could i proceed with a revision before 4 weeks post-op?

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Otoplasty revision required?

The preoperative photo shows that your ear had a relatively prominent antihelix in the middle part before the operation. In the majority of ear pinning operations the ear is brought closer to the head by bending the antihelix. In doing so, it can happen that the helix moves behind the antihelix and can no longer be seen. There are also ears that have never been operated on that show the same phenomenon, in other words, an anatomy that features a helix lying behind a prominent antihelix and cannot be seen when viewed from the front and from the middle of the head. Furthermore, it can sometimes happen during an otoplasty that a double antihelix is formed when folding the middle third of the antihelix. However, it is too soon to discuss the final result just 10 days after the otoplasty. You should wait 3 months and then post new photos for assessment. If the result should not have changed by then, a correction would be very easy and possible if you were operated on with the stitch method. All that is needed with this method is to remove the threads and place them elsewhere. A correction is more difficult if you were operated on with the traditional method, when scars have formed and the ear is fixed in its current position. Please discuss the situation with your surgeon.

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I would discuss the situation with your surgeon. I assume it was performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. If it was not, I'd get another opinion.

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Your well articulated questions should be brought to the attention of your otoplasty surgeon today.

Internet photos are not a substitute for an in-person exam. If you and your surgeon are not on the same page, you may benefit from other opinions from reputable otoplasty surgeons so you could see what might be best for you.

Hope this helps.

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