Can Otoplasty Be Performed on a Deformed Ear?

I've protruding ears and I got my left ear pierced on the cartilage and it had an infection and got deformed slightly. Is it possible to fix it up and perform the otoplasty surgery?

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One of the most common procedures I perform is fixing ear deformities, caused by trauma or genetics. While cartilage that has been destroyed by infection is extremely difficult to repair without a graft, I would have to see you in person to determine whether the overall shape of your ear can still be improved so it looks better. If it’s possible, this can be done at the same time as reducing the projection of your ears so that they sit closer to your head.

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Otoplasty for Deformity after Infection

Infection of the ear cartilage can be extremely destructive and irreversibly deforming to an ear.

A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon should be sought so that your ears can be examined and a full and thorough discussion of your treatment done.

You should know that improvement may or may not be possible and that you are at higher risk of complications because of your ear cartilage infection and the ear cartilage damage you sustained.  

Fredrick A. Valauri, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty (correction of prominent ears) can be performed and depending on the "deformity" you are referring to, that may be able to be addressed at the same time as the otoplasty surgery.  Make sure you see a surgeon who has lots of experience with these procedures and discuss all of your options prior to surgery.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) After Ear Piercing Can Be Done

Rergardless of whether you have an existing ear cartilage piercing (above the earlobe) or have had one in the past, an otoplasty can be successfully performed. Where the piercings have involved the cartilage is a relatively small area and is usually not involved with where the actual bending of the cartilage and the sutures that are needed to hold it is. I see no problems with the interface of the two ear issues.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Otoplasty (ear pinning surgery) after cartilage infection

Scarring from a cartilage infection can be disastrous and quite deforming. The cartilage will never behave the same as normal ear cartilage. However, I am certain that a surgeon will be able to improve the overall appearance. Seek a consultation with a qualified surgeon and discuss the options.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Otoplasty and existing ear deformity

Cartilaginous deformities of the ear can be addressed at the same time as an otoplasty. An otoplasty is usually performed to decrease the protruding cartilage of the ear and any other irregularities can be addressed simultaneously. 

William Portuese, MD
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Of course, it can be done.

Of course, it can be done, as long as there is no active infection going on. The procedure reduced the height of the cup shaped part and creates a fold in the upper part of the ear. Additional procedures may be needed to take care of the deformity resulting from the infection. It is a very good idea to seek the advice of an experienced plastic surgeon in your area.

Bala S. Chandrasekhar, MD - RETIRED
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Otoplasty (Easr Correction)

Otoplasty (Correction of Ear Deformity) is a set of surgical techniques used selectively to shape an ear and, if need, place it closer to the head. The particular set of techniques would depend on what exactly is abnormal with each ear and used selectively to correct these deformities. In your case, a cosmetic Otoplasty can be done on your earproviding the ear infection has been corrected. It should not be done in faced of an active infection. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Otoplasty for ear deformity

Without a clear picture of your ear deformity it is impossible to say whether it is correctable with an otoplasty procedure.  The otoplasty is typically done to correct protrusion of the ears, and if your scar deformity is minor, it may not interfere with the otoplasty, but on the other hand, it may not be improved by the otoplasty.  Your best  bet is to have an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss realistic options, risks, benefits, and alternatives.  

Pamela B. Rosen, MD
Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Otoplasty Problem

An otoplasty typically is a procedure in which the ear is approached from behind.  It sounds as if (correct me if i am wrong) you have a protrusion in the front from the infection.  it could be a cauliflower ear or wrestler's ear.  that would require a frontal skin incision and debridement of the excess scar tissue that is formed.  if it is small, it probably could be handled at the same time but i would have to go in the front most likely to cut down the extra scar tissue.

Sam Lam, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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